Corona Virus update-latest news

St Kitts and Nevis Friday 24th July

Face masks from the island of St Kitts

Face mask is from Caribelle Batik at Romney Manor.

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Covid-19 current position in St Kitts and Nevis

Statement from the Ministry of Tourism

We look forward to the time when St. Kitts & Nevis can again share special joy of our sun kissed splendor, cool tropical breezes and the genuine welcome of our people with you.
For now, however, to protect the health and safety of our citizens, residents and visitors, St Kitts has closed its borders to all commercial airline flights.
Medevac or medical emergency flights will be allowed should the need arise.
Sending our best wishes to you, your families and friends.
Stay safe and healthy and keep dreaming of your next adventure.

Official SKN tourism statement

Frequently asked questions regarding the effect of the Corona Virus on St Kitts and Nevis

When will St Kitts airport open?

This has yet to be decided, the current Covid-19 situation in the USA makes this a difficult decision for us.

When will St Kitts borders open?

Land borders for yachts and planes are still closed, no predictions on when these will re-open.

Are the islands on lock down?

No we are not, we are all wearing a face mask and taking precautions however.
Other than this business and life continues, beaches, bars and restaurants are mostly open.

How many Coronovirus cases has St Kitts and Nevis had?

As of the 22nd July we have had 17 confirmed cases with 2 persons currently in isolation.

Does St Kitts and Nevis have quarantine facilities?

Both islands have official government approved quarantine facilities. Returning nationals are required to quarantine for 14 days.
As at 22nd July we had 74 persons in government quarantine.

Why has St Kitts and Nevis had so few Coronavirus cases?

We reacted swiftly to the world situation:
Borders were closed on March 25th and a 2 week 24 hr lock down was imposed with all businesses closed.
Gradually the lock down was reduced as the number of cases eased as normal life was phased in slowly.
We have had only one instance of local transmission (a healthcare worker) all other cases were nationals returning from abroad.

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