Beaches And Bays Of St Kitts

Quiet secluded beaches for walking, family beaches with bars and restaurants, Watersports or just relaxing.
The islands of St Kitts and Nevis have the beach for you.

There are no Lifeguards on any of our beaches.
Seas are normally calm and the waters are warm.
Beaches on the Atlantic side of St Kitts need more care, they can be subject to currents and dangerous undertows.

All beaches on our islands are PUBLIC, no private beaches exist at all.
Hotels on the beaches are required to maintain public access to the beach. Please, DO NOT DRIVE on beaches, most of our beaches are Sea Turtle nesting beaches. Please dispose of your litter with care.

Guide to St Kitts snorkeling

Banana bay

Banana Bay

Next to Cockleshell bay, on the SE Peninsula. This is now home to the new Park Hyatt resort Great for snorkeling and swimming.
No facilities other than at the Park Hyatt.

Dieppe Bay

Dieppe Bay

North of the island and the site of the first European settlement in the Eastern Caribbean.
Beautiful black sand beach, very close to Dieppe Bay town.

Cayon Beach

Frigate Bay North

Atlantic side of the island, home of the Marriott resort. Very long beach, good for walking, protected swimming area in front of the Marriott. elsewhere before of currents.

Frigate Bay South

Frigate Bay South

The closest beach to Basseterre and home of the famous “strip”, a long line of bars and restaurants. Newly built facilities. Snorkel around the jetty in front of Timothy Beach Hotel.

Majors Bay

Majors Bay

The Nevis – St Kitts car ferry leaves from one end of this beach, the rest of this narrow beach is completely unspoiled. Snorkel around the washed up shipwreck on the beach.
No facilities or Bars.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay

On the Atlantic side, just north of the Marriott. Home of the new Koi Resort.
Sheltered bay with good swimming and snorkelling. No facilities except for the resort.

Whitehouse bay

Whitehouse Bay

On the South East Peninsula this has a rocky beach but some of the best snorkeling on the island including a shipwreck.
Home of Salt Page restaurant.
No facilities except at Salt Plage.

Cayon Beach

Cayon Beach

Usually totally deserted. No facilities and difficult road access. Undeveloped because the wind and waves usually mean it is unsuitable for swimming. Not recommended for visitors.

South Friars Beach

South Friars Bay

Just south of Timothy Hill and framed by Shipwreck Beach Bar at one end and Carambola Beach Club at the other, this is a good snorkeling beach. Lots of facilities

North Friars bay

North Friars Bay

The beach you see on the left as you come over Timothy Hill. No facilities, difficult access. Strong currents and waves, not recommended for visitors.

Sandy Bank

Sandy Bank Bay

South East Peninsula, close to Christophe Harbour. Secluded beach, usually vey quiet. Atlantic side but well sheltered.

Turtle beach st kitts

Turtle beach

SE Peninsula facing “The Narrows”, at the end of a dirt road. Lots of nice villas set back on the hill.
Good swimming and snorkel beach, can get choppy as it sits closer to the Atlantic side.

Beach Etiquette

Take your litter home with you.
Use reef-safe sunscreen if possible.
Do not touch or disturb any marine life.
Take only photographs, leave only footprints.

St Kitts Taxi

Travelling to Beaches

If you need transport to one of our beaches the easiest way to travel is to take a Taxi. The guide will know the beach, you can agree a price and on arrival agree a time for your return pickup.
Taxis and transport in St Kitts.

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