Fairview Great House St Kitts

History of Fairview Great House

Built in 1701, Fairview Great House & Botanical Garden is a prime example of Colonial architecture built almost completely from wood.
Originally built by the French military to house officers its most famous owner was Master James Stephen (1758-1832) who from 1783 to 1794 was Solicitor-general of St Kitts. Master James was an abolitionist and the great grandfather of Virginia Woolf.
During the 1960’s the house became a hotel the “Fairview Inn” until it fell into disrepair in the late 1990’s
In 2008 Kishu Chandiramani (1942-2014), a prominent local businessman, bought Fairview House with plans to restore it to its former glory.

Sugar Cane estate yard St Kitts 1900

The Modern Fairview Great House

Now at Fairview Great House you can step back in time and enjoy some St. Kitts’ history.
Fairview Great House provides a true representation of a colonial St. Kitts architecture with the rooms furnished in authentic colonial style.
The house also has an historical information room where you can learn more about previous owners of the property and life on the island in colonial times.

Sitting room at Fairview Great House St Kitts

The two-acre botanical garden has an apiary, a cobblestone central courtyard, a private chapel, and a pool. You also enjoy great views over the Caribbean ocean.

Bedroom at Fairview Great House St Kitts
Pool Fairview Great House St Kittsat

The house combined with the gardens, the views and a luxurious pool area make Fairview Great House the perfect spot to spend a day away from the beach.
You can enjoy a local rum tasting and the gift shop has honey from the local apiary.
The Nirvana Restaurant also has a Tapas bar and opens daily for local cuisine.

Gardens at Fairview Great House St Kitts
Gardens at Fairview Great House St Kitts

Remember to keep an eye out for the Vervet Monkeys venturing through the property. They love to eat from the multitude of fruit trees in this tropical oasis.

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