Car Hire In St Kitts And Nevis

Driving advice

Driving in St Kitts is probably best described as “interesting”. The island main road is well maintained and probably the easiest to drive on, although in places it gets very narrow as it passes through the smaller villages.
Local drivers are quite happy to stop in the middle of the road to have a quick chat with their friend who is coming the other way!

Finding your way around

Signage in some areas is reasonable, in other areas almost non existent. Google maps is good for the main roads, but don’t expect it to be 100% correct. Do not be surprised if local directions include “turn left by the blue house with the red roof”.

Information signs at historic locations

You will find these all around the island


Parking is easy and in most places free, but be aware of where you park as some no parking areas are not well signed.
In Basseterre there is a large car park each side of the port, all day parking costs just US$2.00. All the main hotels offer free parking.

General advice

  • We drive on the left hand side of the road (as in the UK) and we have a number of roundabouts (traffic circles).
  • The only set of traffic lights on the island are in the center of Basseterre and these were installed just recently in 2019.
  • You will need to obtain a local driving license from your car hire company (US$24.00).
  • Speed limits are 20 mph in built up areas and 40 mph nationally, these are not 100% observed.
  • Beware of buses (mini vans with green number plates) as they tend to stop unexpectedly and passengers then cross the road.
  • Look out for dogs, goats, cows, donkeys, roosters, monkeys as they all find their way onto the roads.
  • Do not drive on beaches, this compacts the sand and destroys Sea Turtle nests.

If you take your time, stay aware and keep away from the rum punches, you will actually find it is a fun experience to be driving here and the freedom of having your own vehicle will allow you to explore at your leisure.

Car Hire in St Kitts


Based in Basseterre. Also at the Marriott Hotel
Tel: 869 465 6507

Car Rental


Bay rd, about 5 minutes out of town
Tel: 869 465 7822


Bay Rd, opposite Hertz.
Tel:869 465 2991

Local Companies

ABC Tel: 869 466 9284
Bullseye Tel: 869 662 1168
Courtesy Tel: 869 465 0073
Xpress Tel: 869 662 5752
Bullseye Tel: 869 2222

All the Car Rental companies are happy to arrange Airport or Hotel pick up for guests.

Car Hire in Nevis


Rent in St Kitts and get a free exchange car in Nevis


Tel: +1-869-469-5430

Local Companies

1st Choice Tel: 869 662 8792
M&M Enterprises Tel: 869 469 8859
Nevis Auto Rental Tel: 869 469 2886
Nevis car Rental Tel: 869 469 9837

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