Beaches And Bays Of Nevis

5 Star luxury, quiet secluded beaches for walking, family beaches with bars and restaurants.
Watersports or just relaxing. The island of Nevis has a wonderful laid back atmosphere and the beach of your dreams.

All beaches on our islands are PUBLIC, no private beaches exist at all.
Hotels on the beaches are required to maintain public access to the beach.

There are no Lifeguards on any of our beaches.
Seas are normally calm and the waters are warm all year round.
Please take your litter with you.


Qualie Beach

Northern side of the island, home of Qualie Beach resort. Facilities are at the resort.
Small pier where smaller boats travel to St Kitts.


Pinneys Beach

Three mile beach, the best and largest on Nevis. Home of the Four Seasons Resort and many other bars.
Visit the famous Sunshine’s Bar and try a “Killer Bee” cocktail or two.


Lovers Beach

On the north coast of the island. Secluded spot where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful white sands.
No facilities


Nisbet Beach

Home of the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club.
This beach is sheltered and a great spot for swimming.
Facilities at the resort.


Windward Beach

Isolated on the south coast of the island in White Bay. Great atmosphere with rolling waves and grey sand.
Not a beach for swimming.


Cades Bay

A long stretch of sand, very peaceful with a couple of beach bars.
Chrishi’s beach club is located here.
St Kitts “Seabridge” ferry docks very close to here.

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