St Kitts Borders to Open on October 31st

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Editors update October 26th – Flight schedules announced for BA and AA

American Airlines Schedule from Miami

  • Saturday 7th November
  • Saturday 14th November
  • Wednesday 18th November
  • Saturday 21st November
  • Sunday 22nd November
  • Wednesday 25th November
  • Saturday 28th November
  • Sunday 29th November

British Airways from Gatwick, London

  • Saturday 7th November
  • Saturday 14th November
  • Saturday 21st November
  • Saturday 28th November

St Kitts Hotels open for visitors

Nevis Hotels open for Visitors

There will be an additional choice of hotels on both islands for visitors coming from the “CARICOM Bubble”

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Borders open to all commercial airlines from October 31st

From Saturday October 31st the borders of the federation of St Kitts and Nevis will fully reopen for commercial flights. This was announced by the Prime Minister today during his monthly press conference.

 The opening of the borders will not only facilitate the return of tourists to our shores but will also “allow our own nationals and residents abroad the opportunity to return home to their families, their jobs and their communities in a more regular and predictable way.”

“We can with the support of all take this major step to open our economy and we can now do so while minimizing risks to our Country.”

“In preparation for the opening of the borders, the Team Unity Government continues to insist that citizens and residents comply with all health protocols, particularly the wearing of masks in public, the frequent washing of hands, as well as practicing physical and social distancing.”

“These practices have to become second nature to us as we work to protect ourselves, our families, our friends and loved ones. Given that all our cases of COVID-19 were travel related or imported cases, strict compliance with the health protocols is the only way to contain the spread of the virus, minimizing any strain on our small health system and loss of employment and productivity due to quarantine, isolation or hospitalization,”

Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr. the Honorable Timothy Harris

Phased approach planned when borders reopen:

This opening of the borders is phase one and this was further explained by the Chief Medical Officer:

“In phase one, all inbound travelers to the Federation will fall into two categories”

“The first category will be those coming in from territories within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Bubble,” she said. “Based on what was released by CARICOM recently, these islands include Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Monserrat, Saint Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.”

“For travelers coming from outside of the CARICOM Bubble, there will be a number of COVID-19-approved accommodation options open for them,” said Dr. Laws. “These include the government designated facilities, the pre-approved or certified sites and the option of one of the local franchise hotels.”

Dr Hazel Laws, Chief Medical Officer

Visitors from within the “CARICOM bubble”

These will be the requirements:

  • Negative PCR prior to flying.
  • Must have been on an approved CARICOM island for at least 21 days.
  • Subject to screening at the airport upon entry.
  • When screening is proven to be asymptomatic “these visitors will then be allowed to integrate into the Federation without a period of confinement or quarantine,” said Dr. Laws. “You will have all the options of accommodation open to you.”

All other visitors

These will be the requirements:

  • Negative PCR prior to flying.
  • Subject to screening at the airport upon entry.
  • Will be required to remain in the confinement of their hotel but will be allowed to partake and access a preapproved package of services within the hotel.

Additional requirements if staying longer than 7 days

  • PCR test on day 7 of your stay.
  • “Negative test will mean you have additional access to to a selective menu of excursions and tourist sites.”

Dr Laws also outlined the process for passengers at the airport:

“The whole aim is to make the incoming process seamless,” she said. “Once you have disembarked the aircraft, there will be an area where you can sit and wait and then you would be shunted into the newly designed Health Desk/Station at the airport. After leaving the Health Station, after you have checked through and been deemed asymptomatic, then you will be channeled to the immigration counters.”

” The immigration officers will be well protected with sneeze guards. They will be properly attired in appropriate PPE to interact with the incoming passenger,” said Dr. Laws. “After you would have left Immigration then you would go downstairs to Customs. Again, infrastructural changes are being done at the airport to protect the frontline workers. All the necessary changes are being made to make the process for the inbound air traveler to be as seamless as possible.

Dr Hazel Laws, Chief Medical Officer

Our borders have been closed to all commercial airline flights since March 25th. This is a first phase of what will be a multi step process of opening up our island once again for visitors

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