Frigate Bay beach to be a wider and better beach experience after nourishment

Trucks unloading boulders at Frigate Bay
Boulders being delivered to Frigate Bay
Frigate Bay replenishment
Unloading and preparing for washing of boulders

Beach replenishment starts on the “Strip” at Frigate Bay south

A EC$4 million beach nourishment project is now underway on the center and southern sections of Frigate Bay beach.
This project is a three step process which involves a breakwater, groynes and finally the beach itself being replenished with dredged sand.

Beach erosion has been an ongoing problem at Frigate Bay and around 10 years ago the beach was replenished with dredged sand, most of which has now been washed away by the ocean.


There will be two breakwaters built parallel to the beach. Each breakwater will be approx. 80 meters long and 30 meters offshore.
These breakwaters will be submerged below the water level and will attenuate the wave action on the southern and central parts of the beach.

Barge at work Frigate Bay
Wash pit for the boulders with the barge in the background
Diggers at work on Frigate Bay beach
Heavy machinery used to move the boulders


Three groynes will be built out from the new shoreline for around 30 meters. The purpose of the groynes is to anchor the beach nourishment and prevent sand being washed away along the shore.

Beach nourishment

The final stage of the project once the breakwaters and the groynes are complete will be to fill in the beach with dredged sand.
The intention is have a beach which is 50 meters wide from the back of the beach bars to the waterline. Presently the beach is about half this width.

Boulders being moved at Frigate Bay
Each boulders weighs between 2 and 3 tons
Boulders ready for breakwater building at Frigate Bay
Washed boulders stacked and ready for loading on the barge

A bigger and better beach experience for our visitors

Frigate Bay South is the iconic “Strip” one of the most important beaches in St Kitts.
Over the last 2 years improvements have been made landside on the beach bars, the road, parking facilities and public amenities at Frigate Bay now the beach is not only being preserved but is being enhanced for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.

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Frigate Bay South “The Strip” is the closest beach to the City of Basseterre and Port Zante, our cruise port.
Frigate bay beach enjoys numerous beach bars and restaurants along with water sports and safe swimming.

The original Monkey Bar on Frigate BaySt Kitts
The first bar on Frigate bay “The Monkey Bar’ circa 2001
Frigate Bay St Kitts 1980
Frigate Bay circa 1980

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